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“One year after the St. Albans (hotel) opened for business excavation for an even larger hotel was begun at the corner of Berford and William Streets.  This would be the venerable Pacific Hotel which hosted its opening supper in January of 1883.  It served the higher-end market in Wiarton, featuring a bar, office, reading room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, washroom and sitting room on the first floor.  The second floor contained two parlours with the remaining space taken by bedrooms.  The front facade of the Pacific was dominated by a finely crafted balcony and 24 foot sign bearing its name. 

Six years later, in 1889, the Pacific received a large 3-story addition to the north.  However, the original 2-story block, with its more restrained architectural style, remained while the new 3-story block to the north garnered praise in the town for giving a finished look to that part of Berford Street.


Today, it holds the unique distinction of being the only hotel that remains in operation in Wiarton (there are now several motels and inns around the town).  It now looks much the same as it did over 120 years ago (having outlived a “coral rose” paint job in 1959!).  Notably, the hotel`s balcony had been completely removed in the 1960`s, but has since been rebuilt, a return to its original style from the late 1890`s.


In more recent times, the facade of the Pacific Hotel was altered somewhat when a new large window was installed on the second floor in place of the two northernmost original windows.  The second floor door was also replaced at the same time.  Unfortunately, this renovation damaged the symmetry of the original 1883 facade.  On a more positive note, the hotel received an attractive new paint scheme in the summer/fall of 2008.”


*History taken from  “Postcards from the Bay”

Amenities & Services

Free Wi-Fi access 

Flat screen tvs with Netflix

Lucille's Bar & Restaurant

Friendly service

Large Patio

Small business perks

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